Popcorn Web Design Company

Popcorn Web Design Company

Next on the list is Popcorn, which is seen as one of the most innovative web design agencies in the UK right now. Their main focus is offering bespoke web design services to help create professional sites that are unique to every customer. Much like a lot of other web design companies, they don’t offer various plans or packages, it’s all just under one bespoke package giving the customer control over what they want.

Along with this they also offer extensive SEO services to optimise your site and ensure it performs well in search engines. Another good feature is their own ecommerce solution meaning they can create online shops for you from scratch. Also, if you’re looking for a web host, then Popcorn can provide this too, meaning your website can be designed specifically for their servers, which could improve functionality.

In summary, Popcorn is a very interesting web design company that puts a lot of the control in your hands with their bespoke service. As such, prices vary depending on the size of your project, but you can get a quote before you commit.

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