Nick LeRoy SEO Consultant


Nick LeRoy SEO Consultant

Focus on mobile. If you don’t have a mobile version of your site, then this should be your top priority. If you are running desktop and mobile versions of your site – look in to consolidating these as well. This not only will pay off in your SEO efforts but it will give your users a better experience as well.

Page speed. A faster website will make both Google and your users happy. Happy users are more inclined to promote and share your site and its content. Do not feel limited to implementing AMP. A fast-traditional responsive design is arguably a better solution anyways.

Site architecture. I work primarily with large companies with hundreds of thousands or millions of pages. The strongest technical SEO play is a sound site architecture that prevents duplicate content. For those with ecommerce sites, make sure you have your faceted navigation controlled.

Nick is the SEO Manager at a Minneapolis based measurement and activation agency Ovative/group. At Ovative Nick helps build and execute comprehensive SEO strategies for enterprise level clients with some clients valued at over 1B.

With over 7 years of experience in the SEO industry Nick has successfully proven his ability to be integrate within a team and develop / lead scalable solutions to common and advanced SEO issues.

Nick’s main strength is technical SEO – specifically for enterprise level projects that have hundreds of thousands or millions of pages.  Nick believes the success of a SEO campaign is believed to be built on a solid technical foundation.

Nick also writes a weekly SEO email that is aimed at keeping SEO decision makers up to date with the leading industry news/tools.

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