Ashley Faulkes SEO Content and WordPress Specialist

Ashley Faulkes SEO Content and WordPress Specialist

Something I have been focusing on more lately is writing for topics instead of keywords. Long tail variations and related keywords are picked up by Google anyway. So, rather than target one keyword per post, look at the overview, the main topic, and try to cover it better than anyone else.

Satisfying the user’s intent is now the key. Google is moving away from just serving us up results that match keywords and is instead seeing how we react, and what kinds of content best match a query.

Relevance is becoming more of an issue with link building than it was in the past. Google is smart enough to know, and now ignore, any spammy or irrelevant links we have. Instead, aim for links inside content via things like guest posts. You don’t just want any links, but relevant, contextual links.

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